Z Tilt Stages

Tilting stage incorporating three wedge-type Z-axis modules

Place the objects requiring angle adjustment on the stage, the height and horizontal level can be adjusted by vertical movement of each actuator.

HEPHAIST spherical rolling joints (SRJs) are used for the joints between the table and the actuators.

Product Specifications

Properties TIL3Z-2004PR
Z Stroke Z axis::±8 mm
Tilt Stroke θX/θY ±3°
Wedge Ratio 1/4
Table size 280×280mm
Base size 260×260mm (Motor Protrusion Amount:17mm)
Height 188mm (When the Z-axis is at 0 mm)
Repetitive positioning accuracy Z axis:±2.0μm   θx axis:±6s  θy axis:±6s
Static load capacity *1  (Distributed loading for the vertical equal position) 500N
Dynamic load capacity *1  (Distributed loading for the vertical equal position) 500N
Stage material Iron: Low-temperature black chrome treatment  Aluminum: black anodized
Ball screw lead 1mm
Stepping motor model Motor model ARM26SM0K(With electromagnetic brake) / Product of ORIENTAL MOTOR
Driver model Stepping:ARD-K / Product of ORIENTAL MOTOR
Resolution (factory setting) 0.1μm/pulse
Servo-motor model Motor model HG-AK0236B(With electromagnetic brake) / Product of Mitsubishi Electric
Driver model Servo:MR-J4-03A6 / Product of Mitsubishi Electric
Resolution (factory setting) 0.1μm/pulse
Photomicrosensor *2 PM-L25 / Product of Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX
Weight 22kg
Lubricant Low dusting grease

*1 This is the capacity for a vertically evenly distributed load. To be loaded on to conveyance stage or other cases, the number above will not apply.

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