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Discover innovation at its finest through precision and technological expertise with our exclusive lineup of products, hand-in-hand with our esteemed partner, HEPHAIST. Witness the culmination of cutting-edge engineering as we present a showcase featuring cylindrical direct drive bearings, engineering systems, and a range of mechanical products meticulously crafted for high accuracy and precision. Together, in the realm of industrial automation, our collaboration with HEPHAIST brings forth a collection that redefines industry standards, promising not just products, but solutions that elevate performance and reliability to new heights.

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Up until now, the joints requiring multiple degrees of freedom that are indispensable for parallel mechanisms have achieved two or three degrees of freedom by combining rotational joints.

There are also sliding spherical bearings with multiple degrees of freedom, but they have had large friction resistance and internal clearances.

To solve these problems, HEPHAIST developed a spherical bearing with a rolling mechanism.

This is a linear motion mechanism that utilizes the rolling motion of a ball, enabling smoother movement within a limited range.

By mounting a rotary bearing, it can also support motion on the Θ-axis, and is used in a wide range of fields such as conveyor systems and robots.

HEPHAIST’s high-accuracy positioning stages have many unique features developed from original designs based on the machining technology that we have built up over many years for linear guide bearings and precision equipment parts.