Ultra-precision Stages

Ultra-precision Platform

The feed mechanism incorporates a “ball screw + wedge type speed reduction mechanism”.This is a super-precise stage that achieves high follow-up*, high accuracy, and high stiffness by mounting a cross roller guide on the linear motion guide.


High follow-up capability
  • 50 nm feed follow-up capability

Follow-up capability is an important performance metric that measures the response accuracy of precision positioning stages to fine movement instructions. This parameter indicates how accurately the device can execute these instructions upon receiving minute movement command (less than 100nm). Especially in a series of continuous movement operations, the level of follow-up capability directly affects the overall reliability of the system. In applications requiring high precision, such as semiconductor manufacturing, follow-up capability becomes a crucial metric for assessing the performance of such devices.

High positioning accuracy
  • Achieve high resolution with the wedge-type speed reduction mechanism.
  • Reduce wobble of ball screw with the wedge mechanism.
  • Excellent straight motion performance with the cross-roller guides reducing sliding resistance.
High stiffness

The 1/4 wedge structure increases stiffness by 1.5 to 2 times against lateral loads compared to existing products (NAF3C series).

Applications for Super-Precision Stages

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, various inspection equipment.
  • Optical system alignment equipment.
  • Nanometer positioning system, etc.

System Configuration Drawing

Product Specifications

Product Specifications Super-precision XYθ alignment stage Super-precision single-axis stage
Properties NAFHW3C-16 NAFHW1D-100
Stroke XY axis:±1.4mm θ axis:±1.4° ±3mm
Table size 160mm×160mm 100mm×100mm
Base size 250mm×250mm 143mm×80mm
Height 61mm 52.5mm
Absolute positioning precision *1 XY axis:3μm θ axis:12sec 3μm
Unidirectional repeatability XY axis:±0.35μm θ axis:±1.5sec ±0.25μm
Bidirectional repeatability XY axis:0.70μm θ axis:3sec 0.5μm
Follow-up capability *2 50nm 50nm
Static load capacity *3 600N 100N
Dynamic load capacity *3 300N 100N
Maximum speed 1mm/sec 1mm/sec
Degree of parallelism 30μm -
Motor Stepping:PK525PA(Product of ORIENTAL MOTOR)
Servo:HG-AK0236(Product of Mitsubishi Electric)
Driver Stepping:MC-S0514-3L(Product of MICROSTEP)
Servo-amp:MR-J4-03A6(Product of Mitsubishi Electric)
Stage material Iron-Low Temperature black chrome plating treatment
Weight 10kg 1.5Kg
Lubricant Low dusting grease

*1: Accuracy obtained when offset values from HEPHAIST are input.
*2: Resolution is set to 0.01 μm/pulse.
*3: The load capacity is for uniformly distributed load in the vertical direction.

Model number notation

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